You have arthritis. A bad back or knee. Or you were injured. You’ve tried everything—drugs, physical therapy—but the pain won’t go away. You’ve seen several specialists, and they’re talking surgery. You hate the idea—but do you have a choice?

Ming Chew has a message for you:
Surgery should be your absolute last resort. Before even thinking about surgery, try self-therapy with the Ming Method.

In The Permanent Pain Cure, master pain therapist Ming Chew introduces you to the Ming Method: a safe yet powerful self-help system that heals pain problems most medical professionals believe can only be treated with drugs and surgery.

15-minute sessions of a special form of stretching you do at home
20-minute strengthening sessions to lock in the gains from stretching
Self-diagnosis instructions to target your individual problem
Hydration, supplementation, and diet guidelines to maintain tissue health
Supplementary self-therapy techniques
All forms of back and neck pain
Knee and hip pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Sports injuries
Chronic aches from poor posture and long hours at a desk